Frequently Asked Questions


Each letter will include the following: 

A Letter from Jane: Jane is on a mindfuless journey on her own and wants to share her stories with you! From her ups and downs, the little moments to the big moments, she hopes you're find her letters comforting and warm. Maybe you'll be inspired to create some of your own stories too! 

Mindful Notes: Learn more about the theme of the month and ways you can incorporate the theme into your own life 

Journaling Prompts: Dig deeper and learn more about yourself, where've you been, and where you hope to go. 

Affirmations: We believe in the power of intentional thoughts. Watch your mindfulness goals manifest as you affirm what you want for your life. 

Kindness Card: Mindfulness rewires the brain for compassion and kindness. Spread the love to the others through an act of kindness each month. 

Bullet Journal: If you choose, use a bullet journal to set an intention an track your progress. 

Letters are processed on the first business day of the month. They are then mailed within the next 1-5 days. Most subscribers should recieve their letter by mid-month. If you are an international subscriber, please be patient as it may take longer for your letter to reach you. 

Without giving too much away.. here are a few themes you can expect throughout your subscription: time in nature, connecting with loves ones, movement, community, living a values-based life, and more. Each letter will give you opportunities to engage in story telling, journal your thoughts, perform acts of kindness, and set intentions. 

You can sign up anytime and your Welcome Letter will mail in 1-5 business days. The subscription letters mail within the first 5 business days of the month. To recieve your subscription letter sooner, sign up before the end of your current month to get in on the following month's mailing. 

Everyone can enjoy these letters! Mindful Mail is best for older children all the way up to adults. Younger children can enjoy Mindful Mail too with the support of a grown up. 

Mindful Mail letters are mailed via USPS. We are not able to guarantee a delivery date and unfortunately, sometimes letters do get lost in transport. Please allow up to two weeks from the start of the month to recieve your letter, and 4 weeks for international mail. If you haven't received your letter after that time, please email for a replacement. 

Yes! Mindful Mail makes a fantastic gift. When checking out, make sure to write the name of the reciepient as you would like it printed on their envelope. Are you looking for something to put in a bag or envelope to tell the reciepient about their subscription? Print this!