Our Mission

At Mindful Mail, our mission is simple yet profound—to cultivate mindfulness and inspire intentional living through beautifully written snail mail. We believe that in a world filled with digital distractions and constant stimulation, finding moments of stillness and presence is more important than ever. Our monthly subscription service invites you to embark on a mindfulness journey, with each mailing carefully curated around a unique theme.

What We Offer

When you become a subscriber of Mindful Mail, you open the door to a world of mindful exploration and self-discovery. Imagine receiving a hand-illustrated letter from Jane, our fictional muse and guide, as she weaves the magic of mindfulness into her own life and shares her captivating journey with you. Dive deeper into the topic of mindfulness through our thought-provoking Mindful Notes. Unleash your creativity and explore your personal relationship with mindfulness and the theme through our specially crafted Journaling Prompts.

Harness the power of positive thinking with our Affirmations, designed to ignite a mindset centered on being present and embracing the here and now. Foster compassion and kindness with our Kindness Cards, which will inspire you to commit to an act of kindness each month, spreading warmth and love to those around you. And to help you stay organized and focused on your intentions, we provide Intention Setting Prompts and a Bullet Journal, allowing you to track your progress as you embark on a values-based journey of self-growth.

Mindful Mail is the brainchild of Jessica Bradley, a passionate psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and wife and mother of twin girls. Nestled near the shores of Lake Michigan, Jessica finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and the people that surround her. When she's not holding therapy sessions or leading yoga classes, she can be found strolling through the vibrant farmers market, savoring the flavors of boba tea, or embarking on walks along the West Michigan trails with her loved ones.

Driven by her own experiences and the challenges she observed in her clients, Jessica envisioned Mindful Mail as a way to make mindfulness accessible, fun, and interesting. She noticed the struggle of individuals, especially teens and young adults, who found themselves lost amidst the noise, trying to navigate their path to well-being. Overwhelm and the inability to live in the present moment became all too common. But Jessica also witnessed the transformative power of mindfulness in her yoga classes and therapy sessions, where it had a profoundly positive impact on the lives of willing to learn.

It was during her journey as a new mother, taking a year off work to be present with her twin daughters, that Jessica realized the importance of mindfulness in her own life. Confronted with the challenging demands of new motherhood, she understood firsthand the need to prioritize presence and intentionality. And thus, Mindful Mail was born—a heartfelt endeavor to support people of all ages and backgrounds, empowering them to slow down, embrace intentionality, and savor the beauty of the present moment.

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    Choose between our month-to-month or annual subscription plans and sign up to receive 12 letters delivered monthly to your mailbox.

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    Letters are mailed within the first 5 business days of the month. Each on explored a different mindfulness theme, opening new doors to self-discovery.

  • Live Mindfully

    Utilize the wisdom of the mindfulness tools provided to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Embrace a more intentional and purposeful existence.

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