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Month-to-Month Subscription

Month-to-Month Subscription

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Important Information: At checkout, make sure the shipping name and address are printed as you would like them printed for the recipient of the subscription. Additionally, please only purchase one subscription per order. Multiple subscriptions can be purchased with multiple transactions.


 Step into a world where your mailbox becomes a portal of enchantment, a gateway to mindfulness and self-discovery. Imagine the thrill of unraveling a beautifully illustrated letter each month, brimming with wisdom and inspiration. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey toward a more present and intentional life.

Key Benefits:

  • Beautifully Illustrated Letters: Open your mailbox to discover exquisitely crafted, illustrated letters that transport you to a world of tranquility and inspiration.
  • Unique Mindfulness Themes: Each month, delve into a new mindfulness-related theme, carefully curated to awaken your inner self and guide you on a path of self-discovery.
  • Grounding Words from Jane: Experience the power of Jane's heartfelt words as she shares her wisdom, grounding you in the present moment and captivating your soul.
  • Mindful Notes: Use the provided Mindful Notes as your compass, helping you navigate your personal mindfulness journey with clarity and purpose.
  • Journaling Prompts: Unleash your thoughts and emotions through engaging journaling prompts, unlocking new levels of self-awareness and reflection.
  • Kindness Card: Embrace acts of compassion with the Kindness Card, inspiring connection and spreading warmth in your everyday interactions.
  • Setting Intentions: Empower yourself by setting intentions with each letter, breathing life into your aspirations and dreams.
  • Prompt Delivery: Your subscription letters will be mailed within the first 5 business days of each month, ensuring you receive your monthly dose of mindfulness without delay.
  • Seamless Subscription: Enjoy the convenience of automatic renewal, allowing you to effortlessly continue your transformative journey until completion.


When you subscribe to Mindful Mail, your free welcome letter will mail within 1-5 business days. Then, each of the subscription letters will mail within the first 5 business days of the following month. You need to have subscribed by the end of the previous month for your letter to go out within the first 5 business days of the following month. 

After your initial subscription, you can expect your letters to continue being mailed out within the first 5 business days of each month. Standard shipping times for domestic and international customers apply. 


This subscription will automatically renew at the beginning of until you decide to cancel it. After 12 renewals, the subscription will be complete and order processing will discontinue. 


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